Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Newsletter Snippet?

A Newsletter Snippet is a card-like snippet of your newsletter. The Newsletter Magnet App has a Newsletter Feed where the Newsletter Snippets are presented. A Newsletter Snippet should give your subscribers an idea about the content of the newsletter. Your Brand Name and Logo are also part of the snippet. The content of the newsletter is displayed after the subscriber selects the newsletter from the feed.

Can I design the Newsletter Snippet?

Yes. You can choose between four different types of Newsletter Snippets. You can specify the text of the snippet and even include an image (animated gif are also supported).

How can I create the content of the newsletter?

You have three options:
1- By using our easy-to-use newsletter builder. All can be done via drag and drop. The editor includes a live preview of the content on a device. There is no need for an HTML template. No coding skills are required.
2- By defining the content of the newsletter using your own HTML template. You will also be able to see a preview of the content on a device.
3- By giving a link (a URL) to the content on your website (product page, block, etc.). Depending on your server configuration, you might be able to see a preview of the newsletter content. If you define the newsletter content using this method, your subscribers will be sent directly to the given website from the newsletter feed when they tap on the newsletter snippet.

What kind of content elements are supported?

Much more than an Email Newsletter can offer. Currently, our App Newsletters support rich text, including over 70 different font styles, images, image grids, image carousel, buttons, dividers, cards, source code blocks, SoundCloud and embedded Audio player, Video Player, embedded YouTube and Vimeo videos, embedded posts including Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest, Google maps and more. If you think we should add something else, please let us know.

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Can I use my own HTML Template?

Yes. You can use your own HTML template to define the entire content of the newsletter. You can also use our newsletter builder to create the content of the newsletter and use Custom HTML blocks to combine your HTML templates with other rich elements like embedded Tweets, audio player, Google Maps, Carousels, etc.

Is there something to consider when using my own HTML Template?

Yes. Your design should be responsive; otherwise, the content might not be displayed correctly. We will modify your code to ensure the content is displayed correctly. We will also strip out everything that contains dangerous HTML to prevent XSS and other malicious attacks.

Can I use Google Fonts in my own HTML Template?

Yes. Feel free to use Google Fonts on your custom HTML code. Make sure that you follow the guidelines described here; otherwise, your links to Google Fonts might get removed.

How can I add images to my newsletters?

After you have added the block element to your newsletter which includes an image (i.e. Image, Carousel, Card, etc.), you can specify the URL of the image using the Image Source parameter. The easiest way is to store the image in your Newsletter Magnet Image Gallery. Alternatively, you can store the images somewhere else and specify the URL of the image as the Image Source.

Is it possible to add hyperlinks to the text and images?

Yes. You can specify the URL that should be opened when a subscriber taps on an image. You can also easily create links within the text with our text editor. Other elements like buttons, cards, and carousel also have an URL link parameter. The Newsletter Magnet App will open any link that your subscriber clicks in the default browser of the device.

It is possible to use animated GIFs in the newsletters?

Yes. You can add animated GIFs to the content of your newsletter and also use them in your Newsletter Snippets.

Is it possible to embed videos into an App Newsletter?

Yes. You can embed YouTube and Vimeo videos into your newsletters. You can also embed HTML5 videos hosted by you.

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Is it possible to embed an audio player into an App Newsletter?

Yes. You can embed an HTML5 audio player and specify the URL to your mp3 audio source. It is also possible to add a SoundCloud Embed Player to your newsletter. Let us know if you think we should add support for additional embedded audio players.