How to embed social media content in a newsletter

Social media posts can be a great addition to your digital newsletter marketing campaigns. Embedded social media widgets boost your newsletter message, add value to your content, and increase user engagement. By embedding social media posts, you can also raise your brand awareness and let your audience know about your business presence on those social platforms. In this article, you will learn how to embed content from Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest in a newsletter with Newsletter Magnet for Publishers.

If you are looking for an online newsletter maker to embed a Tweet or an Instagram post in an email newsletter, we recommend Speedy Newsletter.


After reading this step-by-step guide, you will know how easy it is to create newsletters with embedded social media content like the one shown below.

Newsletter with embed social media from Twitter Instagram and Pinterst screenshot

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Social media integration in a newsletter

Social media embedding is a widespread practice on the web. Most CRM platforms like WordPress allow you to easily embed social media posts into a website by providing a link to the post. However, in the email marketing industry, embedding a social media post is not so simple because email newsletters are practically limited to just images and text. To work around this issue, in order to embed social media content when using newsletter services like GetResponse or MailChimp, you should use a newsletter makers like Speedy Newsletter to generate a picture of the social media post and embed it in the newsletter template.

You are free to use this workaround when you send newsletters through the Newsletter Magnet platform. Remember, however, that the Newsletter Magnet Services are not based on emails. Therefore, a newsletter sent through our Newsletter App is capable of containing interactive embedded social media content. No workaround is needed.

How to embed Tweets in your newsletters

Embedded tweets allow you to take content from Twitter and embed it in your newsletter. With our newsletter builder, it only takes a few steps to embed any tweet or conversation in a newsletter without any coding.

Check the example newsletter with the embedded Tweet

Step 1 - Find the tweet to embed

Start by going to and finding the tweet that you want to embed. For this guide, we'll embed a beautiful tweet from the U.S. Department of the Interior, as shown in the screenshots below.

Step 2 - Copy the link to the tweet

Click on the down arrow icon on the top right and select "Copy link to Tweet" from the drop-down list.

Tweet button to share link

Step 3 - Add a Tweet block to your newsletter

Go to the newsletter builder and drag and drop a Tweet block into your newsletter. Remember that you can always rearrange the blocks in your message as required using drag and drop:

Step 4 - Enter the tweet URL

Select the Tweet block and enter the link you copied in step 2 into the "Tweet URL" field:

And that's all. You can see the result from the previous steps below:

Newsletter Magnet app sreenshot with embedded Twittet Tweet

Embedded Tweets can include photos, videos, and cards media. Tweets can also stream live video from Periscope and show the current likes, and comments count.

How to embed an Instagram post on your newsletter

Instagram offers the possibility of embedding Instagram photos and videos to your articles or websites. With Newsletter Magnet, you can embed your Instagram content as well as pictures and videos from public profiles very quickly and without any coding skills.

Check the example newsletter with the embedded Instagram post

Step 1 - Find the Instagram post that you want to embed

The first step is to go to and find the post that you want to embed into your newsletter. In this example, we will embed a post from Chris Godfrey (@world_record_egg). Once there, click the three dots that appear in the top right corner of the post.

Embed Intagram post button option

Step 2 - Select "Embed."

From the pop-up, select the option "Embed."

Intagram embed post button

Step 3 - Copy the embed code

Hit the Copy Embed Code button to copy it to your clipboard. You also have the option of removing the caption from the post:

Instagram post copy embed code

Step 4 - Add an Instagram embed block to your newsletter

Now go to the newsletter builder and drag and drop an Instagram Embed block into your newsletter. Enter the code you copied from the field "Embed code":

After following the previous step, you should see the Instagram post embedded in your newsletter as follows:

Newsletter Magnet app screenshot with embed social media from Instagram post

How to Embed Pinterest Pins in your newsletters

Pinterest is a great social media site and search engine for visual content. You can add value to your newsletter with Pinterest pins, especially if you are in an industry or a niche where images play an essential part in your content.

In this section, we will cover how you can add Pinterest pins to your newsletter with the Newsletter Magnet newsletter builder. For our example, we will embed the pin, "Grandma's Blackberry Cobbler," from Melissa | Bless This Mess.

Check the example newsletter with the embedded Pinterest pin

Step 1 - Find the Pinterest pin that you want to embed

The first step is to go to Pinterest and find the pin that you want to embed. Then copy the URL of the Pin from your browser address bar:

Pinteres embed pin URL for embedding in a newsletter

Step 2 - Add a Pinterest embed block to your newsletter

Now go your Newsletter Magnet Publisher Portal and in the newsletter builder, drag and drop a Pinterest Embed block into your newsletter. Then enter the URL you copied into the field "Pin URL":

After that, the pin will appear in your newsletter content like below:

Newsletter Magnet app screenshot of a newsletter with embedded Instagram pin

You can optionally hide the pin's description or present a small version of the pin on the content. That's all it takes to embed a Pinterest pin on your newsletter.

Embedding feeds and posts from Facebook or LinkedIn are currently not supported.

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