What are App Newsletters?

App Newsletters are effective brand messages that you can send to your subscribers to keep them connected, informed and engaged. Unlike Email Newsletters, App Newsletters are not sent via email but directly through our App. Because there is no email involved, the content of your newsletters is no longer limited to simple text and images. This allows you to create beautiful marketing newsletters in a way that was previously impossible. With App Newsletter, you can increase your brand awareness and create a strong long-term relationship with your target audience.

How can my subscribers read my newsletters?

In order to open your App Newsletters, your subscribers will have to open our App. Newsletter Magnet is an App that is been specifically developed to help you publish newsletters that actually get seen and read by your target audience.

How can I find your App for Subscribers?

Just go to the App Store (on iOS) or to the Google Play Store (on Android) and search for "Newsletter Magnet". The App should be the first result listed. Install the App. Enjoy.
You can also find the links to the App Store and the Google Play Store on the Newsletter Magnet page for subscribers.

Can I subscribe to my own newsletters?

Yes, and you should. To do so, you can open the Newsletter Magnet App, go to the Subscriptions page, tap the Add Subscription button, search for yourself (for example, enter your username in the search), tap your card to open your Publisher Feed and subscribe to your newsletters.

Can my newsletter be shared on Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms?

Yes. You can mark your App Newsletter campaign as public. Public newsletters can be seen by anyone and shared across social media channels. Visitors to your publisher feed will be able to read your public newsletters.

What is a Welcome Newsletter?

The Welcome Newsletter is an App Newsletter that will be sent to your new subscribers immediately after they subscribe for the first time. You can customize the content of the Welcome Newsletter as you like to match your brand design.

Can I delete any App Newsletters that I have already sent?

Yes. You can delete any newsletter you have sent from your Publisher Portal. After you have pushed the delete button your newsletter will be completely deleted from our system. Please note that it can take some time until all cached copies of the deleted newsletter are removed from the devices of your subscribers.

Do I need to collect email addresses in order to send App Newsletters campaigns?

No. You don't need to collect any email addresses because our newsletters are not sent via email.

Do I need to add a Sign-up Form to my website?

No. You do not need a Sign-up Form to get Newsletter Magnet subscribers. However, we strongly recommend you add your Newsletter Magnet Badge or your Subscribe with Newsletter Magnet Widget to let your audience know that you are sending App Newsletter with Newsletter Magnet.

What about the social and promotions tabs?

The Newsletter Magnet App does not have any social and promotions tabs. All newsletters are treated equally.

Do I have to insert the Unsubscribe Link into my App Newsletters?

No. With our App, a subscriber can unsubscribe from a newsletter very easily. With just a tap, a subscriber can get rid of any subscription forever. There is no action required on the publisher’s side.

Can I schedule a newsletter campaign to go out at a certain time in the future?

Yes. You can specify the release date and time of your newsletter campaigns.

Can I somehow track the performance of my newsletters?

Our Newsletter Marketing Solution provides you with reliable analytics that is not based on inaccurate one-pixel image tracking. From your Dashboard, you are able to see how many subscribers you have, how many subscribers have viewed your snippets, your newsletters and how many clicks your links got.

Do I need to worry about terms like DKIM, SPF (Sender Policy Framework), DomainKeys (DKIM), DomainKeys (DKIM), SPF in my DNS records and newsletters delivered to the spam folder?

No. You have to deal with these problems when you send traditional email newsletters. Our platform does not send any emails. Your App Newsletter campaigns are sent to your subscribers directly through our Mobile App. We take care of all the technical issues.