Why sending newsletters through an App?

Improve your Open Rates and ROI with a channel made for newsletters. There is no competition against private, transactional, or spammy emails. Your newsletters will not end in the spam, promotion, or social folder. Keep your subscribers engaged with interactive content. Send newsletters with embedded videos, podcasts, and social posts.

Newsletter Magnet iOS App

Check out the Newsletter Magnet App

Download the Newsletter Magnet Reader App on the App Store (iOS) or on the Google Play Store (Android) for Free.

If you instead are looking for an online newsletter maker to create email newsletter templates, we recommend Speedy Newsletter.

Brand your Message with our Easy-to-Use Template Editor

Take your marketing newsletter to the next level with Newsletter Magnet’s user-friendly interface. In just a few minutes, you can use our WYSIWYG newsletter template builder to create a beautiful marketing newsletter from start to finish. Extend your reach with the newest form of online newsletter creation. You can preview your newsletter on any device, small or large.

All Newsletter Magnet’s features are drag-and-drop. No HTML Template needed, no coding skills required! Do you want to use your HTML Templates? That's not a problem, our Newsletter creator supports custom HTML5 Templates too.

Build your Brand with Style

With Newsletter Magnet for Publishers, you can send newsletters in a revolutionary new way that maximizes your outreach and conversion potential, building your brand to the max.

In contrast to traditional online marketing through email and email newsletters in general, our App Newsletters are capable of incorporating informative, engaging, and eye-catching content such as

Rich text format including over 70 different font styles

Custom-made source code for developers

SoundCloud and embedded Podcast Audio player

Embedded YouTube and Vimeo videos

Embedded social media posts including Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest

Google maps to direct customers to a location of your choice

... and more

"Instead of being limited to simple text and images, your marketing newsletters can build your brand with style."

Embed a video in your newsletter

Add a WOW factor to your newsletter by embedding a YouTube, Vimeo or HTML5 video into your content. By using the Newsletter Magnet software tools, you can easily add not only a fake button on an image or animated GIF with a link to a video but a real interactive, embedded video that plays inside the newsletter.

Increase the quality, conversion rate, and engagement of your brand newsletters with videos that play without taking your subscribers to a browser.

Learn how to embed a video in a newsletter

A Software Platform Designed for Brand Building through Newsletters

In order to open Newsletter Magnet newsletters, subscribers will have to open our app. This increases the odds that your newsletter will be read from start to finish so you can build your personal brand or your business brand. This is an important factor when it comes to increasing your brand awareness and getting more conversions if you truly want to grow your business.

After all, what good is a marketing newsletter if people don’t read it and feel motivated to act because of it? Your target audience will be more likely to click on any links, giving you better ROI over the long-term. Expand your brand building strategy with interactive newsletters that develop your brand identity and create trust.

The app also provides an additional means by which to grow your brand audience. Rather than simply relying on your email marketing and the people who visit your website through backlinks or search engine results, people who use the app will also be able to find your brand.

Newsletter app feed

Place your Logo and Brand Name on the Newsletter Feed

Newsletter Magnet for Publishers lets you design appealing snippets with banners and images of your choice. Your Brand Name and Logo are of course also part of the snippet. We give you the tools needed to define your own content.

All of this can be done via simple drag and drop. You can even see a preview of your snippet on a device to ensure that your brand's target audience always gets quality content from you. This is the way newsletters were meant to be!

Your Brand's Newsletter Will Always Be Displayed Correctly

Newsletter Magnet newsletter content is responsive. Responsive content molds to the format that will be most appropriate and appealing for the device it is being viewed on.

No matter what the device, operating system, or screen size, users will see an appropriate presentation of your newsletter. This makes the visual aspect of your marketing newsletter more appealing.

When readers engage with a visually stimulating newsletter, they’re more likely to engage with the overall content as well. Prepare to build your brand to the next level.


Start using our software services free and scale up or down with our Pay As You Go plan based on your demand.

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Build Brand Trust by not asking 
for Email Addresses

Your brand's audience will love your marketing newsletters because they don’t have to give out an email address. No more running around the wheel of endless competition for spamming subscribers’ email inboxes.

With Newsletter Magnet, subscribers can easily unsubscribe at any time. Users are more likely to subscribe when they know they don’t have to give out a real email address and can easily unsubscribe.

To top it all off, when your use our services, you don’t have to worry about your newsletters being compatible with different email clients, either.

software tool gdpr compliant

GDPR Compliant 
by Design

Using a simple opt-in process, users can subscribe to your newsletter. Subscribers don’t even have to fill in a subscription form or supply an email address and can unsubscribe with just one click. No action required on your part.

General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) have been considered when it comes to Newsletter Magnet software services. Nothing will ever be shared, distributed, or sold when it comes to customer information. In fact, because there is no unique personal email address needed, there’s not a whole lot to protect anyway.